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Office of the Year

CBRE‘s Office of the Year aims to show the most interesting working environment of companies in the Slovak Republic, presenting the philosophy, values and new trends of companies which strive to create inspirational, creative and healthy working environments.

The reasons for participation

Improve the visibility of your company, increase its attractiveness for job seekers, and be featured in leading Slovak media. The participating companies are one of the most innovative, trend-setting companies in the working environment area. Join CBRE‘s Office of the Year and become aware of the experts and those who set the trend in the area of attractive working environment.

Offices that employ hundreds of thousands of people are a key tool for achieving higher business performance and a conditions for sustaining growth. The companies that participate in the competition will thus show:

  • they know the global trend and follow the principles of successful leaders,
  • they emphasize on the efficiency of the work environment - its flexibility, low operating costs, good availability, its appropriate organization, supporting communication and collaboration,
  • they are capable of attract and maintain quality employees,
  • they can match people and teams with the vision of a company that is modern, agile and technologically advanced.

What does CBRE‘s Office of the Year offer?

  • Media attention

    The contest will be published in leading Slovak media and on internet portals.

  • Professional patronage

    Organizer of the competition is CBRE – one of the world leaders in real estate services and investment. A professional jury will be made up of experts from the world of real estate, architecture and marketing.

  • A positive image

    CBRE Office of the Year contributes to strengthening the image of your company while increasing its attractiveness to the public and potential employees.

  • Selected companies

    The competition is designed for the companies that care about the quality of working environment of its employees. These companies will be among the first who will open to a public and professional discussion about the quality of working environment and trends.

Which category to enter

A professional jury will evaluate corporate working environments in terms of innovation, original concept, design of the space, but also practicality and location. Finally, it will focus on the atmosphere of the corporate environment and the overall impression it gives. The following categories will be awarded in 2016:

Office of the Year

The main category

The perfect company premises breathe. Live. Have a spirit. The employees enjoy them and love to work in them. The main category – Office of the Year – is the competition in the most beautiful and the most attractive working environment of companies. All registered companies will be automatically included in this category. This main category will show us how are companies able to embed their own DNA, shiftiness and the originality. Their ability to attract and keep talents of various generations thanks to the originality of the premises in which they spend most of the time during the day. And also if the final design really reflects what the company wanted to create and achieve.

The Office as the DNA of the company

Each company has its own philosophy, focus, vision. Its own DNA. How has all this been reflected into the design of the office premises? How did the corporate culture of the company integrate into the new premises? Do people feel comfortable in them? Do they like working in them? And do these offices have in addition to being attractive and modern also a soul - the idea that adds value to this premises? The premises of which company best express its own DNA? All of this will be judged by the jury in this category. At the same time, the jury will also evaluate how the premises affecting employees, encouraging teamwork, putting emphasis on common values, and creating a sense of belonging among people.

Healthy office

A modern company cares about the health of its employees, the amount of the daily light in the office, healthy snacks, regular drinking regime, regular exercise and premises for relax and sport activities. Companies registered in this category will present their premises focused on health of their employees, wellness, relax, and sport activities. In general, people who feel good have better relationships with their colleagues, are more creative, and perform better in their jobs. On the other hand, stress, obesity, unhealthy sitting, and lack of movement have a negative impact on the ability to focus, workplace relationships, and cause negative emotions. Therefore, the emphasis on a healthy office should be part of the strategy of every modern company.

Smart office

Modern technologies, innovations and intelligent (smart) solutions. All these aspects help the company to be more successful, make the employees' work easier and support the cooperation of the teams. In this category we are looking for companies, which are proud of their modern technologies, innovative ideas and emphasis on sustainable solutions.

Competition timetable

Registration to the competition
15. 5. - 30. 9. 2016

Notification of the finalists
November 2016

The announcement ceremony celebration
February 2017

The Jury

The members of the jury of the Office of the Year competition will not only evaluate the sent images of the premises but also the description and characteristics written in the registration form as well as the process leading to the final result.

The jury, consisting of experts, will therefore be interested in the whole creation of the competing premises. From the actual requirement given, through the subsequent idea of architects and designers, reflection into the blueprints, leading to the final result. Does the result reflect the expectations of the company? Do the users of the premises feel comfortable in the new working environment?

All of this will play an important role in the selection process of the finalists and ultimately the winner of each category.

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Ian Bogle

Founder and Managing Director (UK/Asia)

Bogle Architects

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Head of Workplace Strategy CEE


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Business Development Director


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